• Baby Massage and Haircut by BabySPA

Baby Massage and Haircut by BabySPA

  • S$80.00 |


  • • A Baby Massage session
    • A Baby's First Haircut Home Visit
    • A First Haircut Certificate
    • An Elephant Rattle

    Valid till 29 February 2020

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    Studies have shown that babies who are frequently touched and stroked lovingly. tend to grow faster, recover from illness more quickly, sleep better, experience less constipation and fewer digestive problems.

    For babies ranging from 1-24 months, it can indeed be a challenge getting them to their first haircut. BabySPA brings the salon to your house, ensuring your child is in a familiar and comfortable environment that he or she is used to. Items to prepare for first haircut:
    - Two Red Eggs: Symbolises Good Luck or 'Yuan Man'
    - Spring Onions: symbolises Intelligence or 'Chong Ming'


    Haircut: Home visit
    Massage: Find your nearest BabySPA outlet at www.babyspa.com.sg/locations/